Who Am I?

Typography Enthusiast

I love how a crisp clean font or a classic serif font can bring character to a brand and elevate a design.

Research Junkie

I like to dive into the subject matter; whether that's the project's content, art history and fundamentals, or technical know-how's.

Keen Observer

I've got a keen eye that can spot all the extra spaces and periods but also can keep track of the bigger picture.

Time Management Whiz

I've got the balance and determination to get things done, juggle multiple projects, and prepare for what's next.

Curiosity Driven

Google is my best friend because questions always pop into my brain and my curiosity makes me seek the backstory.

Hot Sauce Hobbyist

Hot sauce is definitely the spice of my life. I love trying out new hot sauces and seeing which one is the tastiest mouth-burner!


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About Laura Morrison Pibel

Graphic Design • Website Design

Hello, I am Laura Morrison Pibel. I graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a double concentration in graphic design and electronic art and a minor in ethnic studies. I am interested in the combination of art and technology to produce innovative ways of communication. I also have a passion for educating on social issues through artistic means to make those knowledge areas more accessible.

I focus on graphic design and electronic art, investigating communication through print and online media. I am interested in how people communicate through interactive art, social media, and traditional arts.


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Location: Austin, Texas